R​.​C​.​E. (Prod by IncodABLE)

by Carlo



For all you cold blooded ladies out there, and your roller coaster emotions.
- Incod.


God damn man that's cold blooded,
Them roller coastin emotions.
How can you live this way,
How can you move on when you know you're place ?
How do you proceed when ya missions incomplete,
How do I go on with love inside me./ so lost and abandoned,
Trap in my thoughts can't stand it, momma steady worried nana trippin might hurt myself,
I'm just sick of being hurt myself./sick of feelin alone in a crowed room, sick of never bein good enough for you, sick of always losing someone that i get close too what did i do to get the F word by you ?!/how do I,
Toyota with no motor engine dead but still full of gas no mask had a flat tired of the same thang being takin out every day like the trash./ Time in the past passed by but still living in the old times no York but new I'm lookin for,
Beginnings made the album for,
That reason./those demons coming back, niggas like twitter stop following me,
Y'all full of shit please quite messing with me all you do is make a nigga wanna rest no peace,
No please./
So i wonder why ?
Why the world not accept me ?
Like college these bitches reject me,
Like a housewife they neglect me./
Yeah we got problems,
Some can handle others get demolished,
Most of the time it's just bs,
Like its you that I want nd cant have that bs./
Why's it gotta be this way ? Why ya gotta act so strange ? Actin like ya love me one minute then the next we okay, claimin you don't want me after the kiss made quick change./
Why do you do this to me,
Why lead me on when there's nothing to see,
Out your system yeh i hope you got it,
Cuz trauma was the only thing that a nigga wanted./
Noggin not bright still light lit no flick,
Bic in my hand keep the weed lit./
Stay high to ease the lows Friends a hand full life's too short when the devil has your horns,
Swore I never soul still i chose so guess no matter I'm forever lost soul.
Said the game i chose so forever I'm a lost soul./


released March 14, 2014
Carlo Nunley Jr, IncodN36R0, IncodABLE, RBL GNG, & all the cold blooded females around the world.



all rights reserved


Carlo Nevada

Swag Rebellion/Independent Recording Artist & Producer from Las Vegas. ASCAP affiliate 2015. Alt. Hip Hop.

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